Salesforce buys Slack – 10 Useful Info That You Must Know
  Finally, Salesforce acquired Slack with a whooping amount of 27.7B USD. How this deal can impact the market, what are things [...]
Salesforce Career in 2021
1. How to make Career in Salesforce? Getting a paid job is easy but getting paid with higher Salaries has been the goal for most of us. [...]
Salesforce Job Market After Covid-19 2020 Pandemic
Salesforce market is going to change a lot, specially after this Covid-19 pandemic. Here is a survey result, which is outcome of [...]
Salesforce Vs Microsoft Dynamics In 2020
Salesforce Vs Microsoft Dynamics In 2020 I would like to declare that this blog is a result of information received from 12 MS [...]
Salesforce Summer 2020 Release Features
Salesforce Summer 2020 Release Features    DYNAMIC FORMS: With Dynamic Forms, you can migrate the fields and sections [...]
A fantastic framework by Salesforce: AI Economist
A fantastic tool by Salesforce: AI Economist   -- The above image is of Salesforce AI Economist. -- The AI Economist is a [...]
Latest Salesforce Interview Questions
(Updated on 14 Sept 2019)     Question: What types of reports are present in Salesforce? Answer : Tabular [...]
Salesforce Winter 2020 Release Features – My Favorite Picks !
1. We can print list views which help to get hard copy of records in list format. Previously entire page needed to print. 2. Now 10 [...]
Salesforce – Alibaba Partnership : 5 Key Highlights To Know About This Deal
1.Like many other US based companies and big giants, even Salesforce was struggling since long to make some good business in Chinese [...]
10 Key Things To Know About Salesforce Blockchain
Salesforce + Blockchain ! Industry is waiting to know what can be the result of such deadly combination!   1. Salesforce [...]
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