A fantastic framework by Salesforce: AI Economist

A fantastic framework by Salesforce: AI Economist

A fantastic tool by Salesforce: AI Economist


— The above image is of Salesforce AI Economist.

— The AI Economist is a machine learning framework for economic design built by Salesforce experts.

— Salesforce’s expert research team is testing different tax schemes in the virtual mode. The idea is to bring some good results in the economical system of the real world.

— By taking use of reinforcement learning, Salesforce’s expert researchers have built communities in which agents collect/trade resources and build houses.

— The target is to find a best tax system that minimizes inequality in the society and which will increase productivity.

— Salesforce says the AI economist improved the balance between equality and productivity by minimum 15-16%.



From : Shekhar Gadewar. 

Salesforce Evangelist | Salesforce International Trainer | Salesforce Consultant | Salesforce Mentor

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