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What is Lightning Web Components ?
1. A new programming model for building Lightning components 2. Takes benefits of web develop features 3. Existing Lightning work [...]
Latest Salesforce CPQ Specialist Sure Questions cum Dumps
Exam name: Salesforce CPQ Specialist 1. Universal Containers sells their subscription products only in whole months. The Users at [...]
Latest Salesforce Interview Questions 2018 (Month September)
1. What is a sObject? 2. What is difference between Profile Vs Permission set? 3. What are types of Sharing rules? 4. What is a [...]
Salesforce App Builder Exam Questions
Q. 1) When configuring a record type, an App Builder can configure the available value of a picklist field for the page layout. Which [...]
Salesforce Admin 201 Certification Questions
Q 1. Which two are capabilities of the content delivery feature of Salesforce Content? Associate the content delivery with a [...]
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