What is Lightning Web Components ?

What is Lightning Web Components ?

1. A new programming model for building Lightning components

2. Takes benefits of web develop features

3. Existing Lightning work wont hamper.

4. Lightning Components built before the Spring 2019 release are known as Aura components, Components built after Spring 2019 can be either Lightning Web Components or Aura Components.

5. Your Developer can build new components with Aura or Lightning Web Components. Your Aura and Lightning Web Components can coexist and work side by side.

6. In future, you may choose to migrate your Aura components to Lightning Web Components to take advantage of web standards and faster speeds.

7. Which Aura Components to shift:
— Components used on Lightning pages with increased load time
— Components that are used in many apps and pages
— Components that are currently in process

8. Admins can work with Lightning Web Components in exactly the same way you have been working with Aura Component.

9. Lightning Web Components are not supported in Developer Console, but you can view in Visual Studio Code or other IDE.

10. Lightning Web Components means faster results for developers as well as customers.


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