Salesforce Lightning Training

Salesforce Lightning Training

Salesforce lightning is an advanced, component-based framework which is designed for developing business apps from Lightning has come about as a revolutionary innovation of Salesforce that works to simplify processes for business users, who typically have no or very minimum programming knowledge or experience. By using Salesforce Lightning component and framework, many organisations in various industries are deriving benefits of creating their customised business apps with improved designs and great functional speed and performance.

These apps aid the employed staff in marketing and selling their products or services smartly, with speed at their convenient pace and place. The apps, through Lightning, are designed in such a way that anyone can access them with ease and efficiency from any device without experiencing any kind of inconvenience. So, it is natural that professionals skilled in Salesforce Lightning are growing in demand. As most businesses across a wide range of sectors run online through cloud-based business apps, so technically proficient employees who are well-versed with Salesforce Lightning are becoming indispensible for enterprises. Salesforce Lightning is becoming one of the most desirable skills to get recruited at a dignified position in a leading MNC or a progressively growing start up.

The key to begin is to enrol yourself in an online Salesforce Lightning Training program, offered by a reputed platform like Intelogik.

INTELOGIK: An Apt Platform For World Class, High-End Salesforce Lightning Training

Intelogik is a leading institute cum online platform that offers world class Salesforce lightning training program. We have a highly experienced, industry-expert faculty which comptently designs updated and advanced curriculum and modules for Salesforce lightning course. The virtual Lightning training sessions are flexible, self-paced and are assisted by 24×7 mentor support. Intelogik has over a decade’s experience in training thousands of professionals and novices in different programs of Salesforce. The teaching models are simply-designed and engaging enough, even easy to be grasped by candidates who come from non-technical background.

Striking Features of the Training Programs

The training schedules as we mentioned above are flexible, cost-effective, complimented with regular assignments, real-time project works, hands-on experience, certification assistance, job interview preparation and placement assurance.

Our training course covers from basic concepts of Salesforce Lightning to building advanced components. The training and certification program strengthen your practical knowledge and understanding of the key features of the Salesforce Lightning. The course not only helps you fetch a very lucrative salary package, but also makes you a professional with core abilities to produce reliable, high-quality results with increased efficiency and consistency.

After the completion of Salesforce Lightning course, you will:

1. Systematically design customised, reusable Lightning components and applications.
2. Upskill in Lightning components and applications throughout the Salesforce ecosystem.
3. Develop a Salesforce1 mobile application that assembles data from your organization
4. Explain input forms with client-side data validation.
5. Construct applications that enable a user to produce, read, and amend data from a Salesforce org

Preferable Prerequisites

It is preferable that the candidate has basic skills of programming in JavaScript and HTML. It is also recommended that he/she has an experience in developing Single-Page Applications (SPAs) and Salesforce.

Highly Suitable for

The course is highly suitable for Software Engineers and App Developers. Lightning Application Builder and the Lightning Component Framework ease Developers and their Business Partners in combining customized components with AppExchange components to come up with amazing applications.

So hurry up and enrol Intelogik’s Lightning training program to boost your skills to next level. Get your dream jobs and have a prospering IT career.


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