Troubled with Duplicate Calls for same data and UI inconsistencies? Need an easy way to build Lightning Components? Salesforce’s latest innovation Lightning Data Service comes forth as your best solution and rescue for the same.

Lightning Data Service (LDS) in the recent times is one of the most efficient and powerful ways to do CRUD operations – (Create, Read, Update and Delete) along with loading and editing data in your Lightning Components. LDS performs CRUD operations for Salesforce data or record in the component without any requirement of writing even a single line of Apex code. Lightning Data Service improves performance and user interface consistency in your Lightning component. There is added benefit of inbuilt features for automatically handling record sharing and field-level security for you.

In absence of LDS, each component within an app tends to make independent calls to the server for executing CRUD operations on a record, even if all components in the app draw from the same record data. Independent server calls lower performance and create inconsistencies, leading to situations where a server call refreshes one component, leaving other components outdated.

Lightning Data Service figures out and eliminates requests of the identical record data, sending a single shared data request to update all relevant components. Thereby it promotes consistency by using only one instance of the record data across multiple components. By fetching the record once, it reduces network transfers, app server load, and database server load. This works to eliminate inconsistent data between components and also enables in caching data to work offline during sudden disconnections and network disruptions. Thereafter it intelligently syncs the data once the connection is restored. Using LDS minimizes XML Http Requests (XHRs). It auto notifies on all record changing

One is able to make things simpler by using LDS. You save efforts of writing your own controller code. The entire data access code is contained within the LDS component, which significantly reduces the complexity of your apps and pages. This means that you save time on performance and quality testing.


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