Visualforce Page Usage In Salesforce Project

Visualforce Page Usage In Salesforce Project

Benefits of “VisualforceAccessMetrics” object

This is a very useful standard object which we have recently used in our project which can be used to get information about daily page view count of VF page.

You can query on this object using SOQL.

Columns of the object :
ApexPageId – This is VF page Id
DailyPageViewCount – Number of page view count on specific date
MetricsDate – Tells the date on which this calculation is done
ProfileId – Id of User profile who is accessing the VF page
LogDate – Tells us most recent page access date

Example: (Run below query in developer console)

SELECT ApexPage.Name,ApexPageId,DailyPageViewCount,MetricsDate,ProfileId,,LogDate FROM VisualforceAccessMetrics order by MetricsDate DESC

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