Salesforce Job Market After Covid-19 2020 Pandemic

Salesforce Job Market After Covid-19 2020 Pandemic

Salesforce market is going to change a lot, specially after this Covid-19 pandemic. Here is a survey result, which is outcome of survey conducted on 1000s of Salesforce professionals worldwide

This will help you to know how the market is changing.



Almost 95% of full-time workers in Salesforce world are working from home during.


Two out of Ten people said they wont join the company if it does not offer remote work after COVID-19.


80% Salesforce project managers said, they were able to manage team very well, even from home.


97% of respondents said, they were able to work from home (WFH) without much difficulties.


95% people found themselves more productive during COVID-19 while working from home.


After COVID-19, in 2021, 90% expect to work from home at least 3-4 days per week.


43% of employees are ready for 10% deduction in Salary if they are allowed for work from home.


During COVID-19, on average, people are saving good amount of money in travel and other expenses, like 300-600 USD per month.


Blog By: Shekhar Gadewar
Salesforce Evangelist | Salesforce Consultant & International Trainer | Salesforce Mentor

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