Why Salesforce certification is essential?

Why Salesforce certification is essential?

Securing a good position in a job that places your reputation and financial position way ahead of your counterparts is a challenging task. You need a skill that others lack and you need to be really competent and proficient in that skill to be indispensible in your organisation. You certainly wish to earn yourself a highly lucrative job profile this way, don’t you? Now if you have thought of Salesforce certification as an essential requirement for the same, then you are definitely a step closer to accomplishing a great work profile deal ! Salesforce certified professionals are in great demand today and they have a remarkable scope for faring well in job for many years ahead in future.

This is so because Salesforce is fastest-growing and most sought-after as it offers one of the most advanced Customer Relationship Management (CRM) technologies in the world. Moreover, the cloud computing model makes it affordable and scalable. In May 2018, IDC named Salesforce #1 in CRM, sales applications, customer service applications, and marketing applications.

What is a Salesforce Certification?

A Salesforce certification course allows you to enhance your curriculum vitae regarding Salesforce skills, knowledge, work experience and achievements. You become adept in your ability to elevate your organisation’s business by applying your knowledge to solve real-world CRM challenges.

Who can be eligible for it?

A Salesforce Certification course is a fundamental level of qualification that can be undertaken by professionals already working in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) domain. It is important that the candidate joining a certification course is a graduate and knows the basics of Salesforce and technology.

Types of Certifications in Salesforce
  • A certification course in Salesforce can be taken up for any of these – Developer, Admin, App builder, Consultant, Marketers, Architect, Pardot Expert, and CPQ Specialist. Among all, Salesforce Certified Developers and Administrators are most sought after by various organisations.
  • Once you crack the 1st level of a certification course, you can go to the next level and do an advanced course, to make your career prospects even brighter.
    Why Salesforce Certification is essential for a great career:
  • A certification in Salesforce allows you to become an expert in the related Salesforce field and thus this increases your marketability in a highly competitive IT sector job market.
  • Platforms and institutes, like Simplilearn, Intelogik, Edureka, etc offering virtual training, give you the flexibility to get certified in just a few hours, days or months. You get full control of navigating your own career path.
  • In a short span, you can acquire certification in either one or multiple fields. And the more certifications you add, you become entitled to a higher salary or hourly rate.
  • A certification course tremendously expands your knowledge and widens your insight into Sales and Customer Relationship tasks.
  • It makes you improve your skill and efficiency at your work station. With an in-depth understanding of the platform, you’ll gain a certain speed and accuracy in your work, you satisfy large number of customers with maximum productivity and minimum efforts.
  • You become a priority and a prized asset for your company. You assist the leading staff of your organisation in making the most effective use of the Salesforce, thus improving, developing and enhancing business productivity.
  • You excel in handling business, generate advanced, innovative ideas, and even become capable of indulging in analytics. Your proficiency at customer relationship management helps you build a strong and committed customer base for your company.

Therefore, acquiring a Salesforce certification is a smart move, highly recommended for anyone seeking a greatly promising career in Sales, Marketing or Customer Relationship Management.


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