10 Key Things To Know About Salesforce Blockchain

10 Key Things To Know About Salesforce Blockchain

Salesforce + Blockchain !

Industry is waiting to know what can be the result of such deadly combination!


1. Salesforce Blockchain is a innovative way to build trusted networks.

2.One can quickly create these networks using point-and-click tools.No need of code!

3.Partners which are connected in the network can be internal or external to the company.

4.For this process, one need not to know anything about the operating systems or technology which the partner is using.

5.Block is a kind of “record” and Chain is a kind of “linkage”.
So Blockchain is a linkage between two records which has cryptographic linkage.

6.Salesforce block chain provides infrastructure and also takes advantage of Salesforce metadata.

7.Major benefit of the Blockchain is the ability to establish secure relationships between many companies without requiring any integration between partners or their system.

8. Blockchain network can handle large number of records and hence is scalable.

9. Salesforce users can work on Blockchain data for reports, automation etc

10. Salesforce Blockchain helps in creating secure network protocol where we can decide the style of authentication process.

                                           Written By:  Shekhar Gadewar
                                           Salesforce Consultant | International Trainer | Mentor

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